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Fitness Republic Gym

At Fitness Republic, we are committed to your success. Our 1000 sq ft studio in San Marcos provides you with everything you need to improve your health and fitness and live your best life. We have the following equipment available to all our clients:

Ab roller

Agility cones

Agility ladders

Balance pads

Battle ropes


Body resistance bands

Bosu balls

Boxing bag, mitts, and training equipment

Bumper plates

Climbing rope

Deep tissue stick roller

Dip bars


Exercise bike

Exercise rower

Foam rollers

Glute bands

Hypervolt massager

Impact balls

Impact walls

Jump ropes


Medicine balls

Olympic bars

Olympic Rings

Plyo boxes

Pull up bars

Resistance bands

Rope pull sled

Rope tension trainers

Squat racks

Stability balls

Training sled

TRX resistance straps

TRX rip core trainers

Yoga blocks

Yoga mats

Additional amenities include a lounge area with couches; a TV with Netflix and Hulu; a refrigerator for food storage; a microwave; coffee; water; and of course a restroom.

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