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If you aren't convinced to join Fitness Republic yet, read these...

I wanted a one on one training experience without a million people looking at me and distracting me from focusing. That is what I get at fitness republic. Trainer Joe works with me exclusively for my entire session.  And, the gym is usually all mine. I am able to totally focus and get a great workout with no distractions. Worth every penny.

- Michael S.

My fiancé and I started working out with Joe at his gym around December 9, 2018. We are trying to get in shape for our wedding. In the beginning, I was 203 pounds, and currently, I am 193. I also have dropped sizes and body fat as well. Not only is Joe knowledgeable and creative with his workouts for us, but he is knowledgeable in nutrition as well. I already see the results and I feel good and have more energy the more I do the workouts. If you are looking for a great trainer and a great atmosphere, then come to Fitness Republic!

- Leo P.

Joe has been my trainer now for a year. He has given me all the tools needed to get back on a healthy eating plan and get back into shape. The results I have gotten since he has started training me are beyond amazing! I feel strong, healthy, and look good. He will be my forever go to personal trainer!!!

- Amber M.

Joe is the perfect trainer for my situation. I have an injured back and Joe has me training in a way that is making me stronger without making my injury worse. I communicated my goals and my challenge to Joe when I first began going to train. He has me performing techniques in a way that doesn't hurt my back and her watches closely as I perform the exercises, looking for signs of pain to make sure I don't push myself where I'm not supposed to. Joe is highly skilled in his field and I especially recommend him to those who are injured or recovering from injury.

- Eddie T.

Joe has been my personal trainer for over 3 1/2 years - he is dedicated to his clients and their goals, extremely knowledgeable about the body and overall just a really kind & caring individual. My goals were to improve my balance, help me get rid of or lessen my back pain and to improve my overall strength and health. My balance now is tremendous, my core and back muscles are solid so I no longer have back pain and I am stronger than ever! I love who I see in the mirror and how fit I feel overall! This was the best investment I ever made in myself - I highly recommend him!

- Kathy G.

This place is amazing! My trainer is so sweet and is helping me get in the best shape of my life! I never thought I would look forward to working out, but now I can wait for my next session. Fitness Republic makes working out so much fun!

- Jordynn P.

Great experience! Joe was awesome and did a terrific job with my hockey player son! Terrific reaction and balancing drills!

- Tony M.

If you're looking for a musclebound, meathead trainer, who yells and belittles you, Joe Davis is NOT THAT GUY! Go somewhere else!


He is THAT GUY if you want to work with a trainer who really listens, focuses on your goals, gives you challenging exercises that are safe for your fitness level and is super nice. He is very creative and not boring at all. I have been training with Joe for over 2 years and rarely has he repeated an exercise.


Joe works one on one with his many clients of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. I have come to know many of them and the warm relationships he has with each one of us has makes us one big happy family.


If you want to work out in a low stress, positive environment, look no further than Fitness Republic. If you want a trainer who loves scarves, Gucci shoes and cats, Joe Davis is THAT GUY!

- Marybeth M.

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