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To all our clients and friends,


As our communities take steps to deal with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to share with you what we at Fitness Republic are doing.


Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our clients has long been a part of our values and operating procedures. We have always trained on proper safety and sanitation, and the cleaning materials we use at our gym were selected based on their efficiency against a broad range of potentially harmful germs.


We are closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and have been consistently sharing the best practices with our personal trainers and informing them on how to mitigate potential COVID-19 related risks.


We have even further enhanced our procedures in response. Specifically, we are:

  • Educating our personal trainers on COVID-19 and how to stay safe from transmission.

  • Increasing training of our existing sanitation and health policies.

  • Performing additional sanitation of high-contact areas such as door handles, faucets, and handles of all gym equipment.

  • Requiring all personal trainers to wash their hands at least once every 30 minutes (and more if an instance warrants).

  • Installing a hand sanitizer station near the entrance of our gym.


We will continue to closely monitor the situation with COVID-19 and follow recommendations by the CDC and local health departments. In summary, we are committed to taking all appropriate steps to ensure that now more than ever, Fitness Republic is your gym of choice!



Joe Davis (Owner)

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